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Jesse Cutler raises Music Awareness and Charitable support!
Jesse Cutler and the importance of music education - Read below!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Arts programs are getting cut from school nationwide. Did you watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Those schools and their marching bands that participated wouldn't be there without the arts programs in schools. My son and daughter are musicians who are being taught in school to play. My son plays the tuba and trumpet and my daughter is just starting out on the violin. These programs are vital to our children's education.

Jesse Cutler's "StarLust" Review by Bitchin' Entertainment

Jesse Cutler's "StarLust" Review by Bitchin' Entertainment

What Is The Price of Fame?

-A Book Review/Interview with Jesse Cutler

by Brooke Mason

“I was totally living a star’s life, and that seduced me… I was totally star struck and drunk with star lust, and I thought that I was impervious.” -Jesse Cutler, p. 263 of Starlust – The Price Of Fame.

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Author & Grammy-Winning Musician Jesse Cutler Stands "the Test of Time"

By Kelly Y

New York, NY – June 24, 2008 – When it comes to show business, Grammy Award-winner Jesse Cutler has seen it all—the good, the bad and the ugly. But through 40 years in the entertainment industry, as singer, musician, composer and arranger, he has somehow managed the remarkable feat of surviving it all in surprisingly good shape and with his integrity and humor in tact. Both Cutler’s new CD, aptly named Test of Time (Gourmet Records, 2008), and his upcoming autobiography, StarLust: The Price of Fame (Morgan James, 2008, with a foreword by Letterman’s Paul Shaffer), explore one man’s creative fortitude through the “sick and sin” of show biz’s fame game. Fortunately, for this consummate guitarist and Grammy winner, it always goes back to the music, and Cutler’s latest offering, Test of Time, stands up.

Jesse Cutler Review in Valley Planet

Gift Guide for the Book Lover (Part One)

By Terri Schlichenmeyer


Every year, your holiday list gets longer but your budget gets shorter. You’d love to be uber-generous but money is tight in your house this year. You’d make gifts for everybody, but time is tight, too. Your kids need something for their teacher. You’d like to remember the mailman, delivery people, your mechanic, the lady who took such good care of your Grandma. The list grows, but the money doesn’t.

Jesse Cutler Featured in Seminole County Woman Newspaper
Who Is Jesse Cutler Or Is It Gibaldi? ™

By: Andre Izquierdo

He was very rooted to an Italian heritage, his only sister Leonora lost the battle with Ovarian Cancer at age 49, and little “Chuckie,” a boy from Brooklyn, had become good at being a chameleon. In fact, he had lived a very successful life reinventing himself many times, being that he was a man who understood what it took to be a star.


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